Explore the BMW 2 Series at i.g. Burton BMW

As soon as you hit the open road, you are quickly going to realize that the BMW 2 Series convertible is unlike any other vehicle around. This popular convertible was designed for car enthusiasts who believe that driving should be an experience. After you get behind the wheel of the BMW 2 Series, most other vehicles are going to feel like a downgrade.

The engineers at BMW gave this car a near-perfect 50/50 weight distribution, and that has resulted in unparalleled handling. It also has a dynamic AWD system that automatically senses road conditions and adjusts torque accordingly. 


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Why are Drivers Excited About the New BMW 6 Series?

The all-new BMW 6 Series is a full-size luxury car that comes packed with countless useful features. Here are a few of those features drivers are raving about.

If you get distracted or tired while behind the wheel of your BMW, the Lane Departure Warning feature helps protect you. This system is scanning the road and will identify when the vehicle drifts from the lane. If so, a vibration is sent to the steering wheel in increasing amounts until the driver gets the BMW back safely in between the lines.

The Frontal Collision Warning system in the BMW scans...
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BMW 4 Series Overview

Thinking about the new BMW 4 Series? There is a lot to love about this sporty German vehicle. There are a variety of different trims, but even in the standard version, you get a turbo engine that puts out a ton of horsepower. BMW provides a ton of different engine styles with each trim. The Gran Turismo is a favorite with its twin turbo engines and horsepower output, as well as the hatchback design. It's also not one of the most expensive luxury vehicles for the number of features being included in the standard version.

The BMW 4 series…
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The Science of Braking

Brake pads are designed to wear down over time as they slow your vehicle time and time again. A variety of materials are used for pads, and the friction they produce as they are pushed up against the rotor serves to slow the rotation of the wheels and bring your car to a stop.

A variety of brands make pads, and you should make sure that the pads you're using meet the FMSI brake standard. Ceramic pads are designed to work under heavy loads, such as a truck towing a trailer. Semi-metallic pads are a step up from normal…

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Redesigned and versatile: the 2018 BMW X Models

Building on years of experience and design, the BMW X Models are reimagining what it means to be an SUV. Here are a few of the features of this popular luxury SUV.

Whether you’re heading to the city or getting ready for a trip, your BMW X adapts to your changing lifestyle. With the rear folding seats, you can fold them down for extra storage options with the 40/20/40 design to configure it in a variety of ways.

With up to 445 horsepower at your disposal, you have the power needed for whatever the road throws at…

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Do You Know the Difference Between Compact and Full-Size Spare Tires?

When you get a flat tire on the road, you might open up the trunk to see what's inside. It is important to know if you have a compact temporary or a full-size spare tire. These are two different parts, and they have different limitations.

A full-size spare tire can be driven on just like your other tires. A compact spare cannot be driven on in same way. It is designed for speeds of no more than 40 miles per hour. They require more air pressure, and your anti-lock brakes might not work with the spare.


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Why You Should Consider Getting Your Tires Aligned

Wheel alignments are not always understood but remain highly important. That is why we here at i.g. Burton BMW in Milford, DE are here to give you the basics.

Failing to regularly get your tires aligned can cause your tires to wear extremely unevenly. This can cause weak spots in your tires which both pose a safety risk to you and your family as well as causing you to spend more money on replacement tires over time. While experts agree that there is no set mileage at which tires should be aligned, they do agree there are warning signs…
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Signs Your Brake Pedal Needs Repair

We here at i.g. Burton BMW know how busy you are, but when it comes to your vehicle, it is important that you keep up with routine maintenance and the occasional repair that will be needed. It is easy to put this off but you invested in your vehicle and visiting our service center in Milford will ensure that your vehicle is safe and in good shape so you can rely on it for many years to come.

Your brake pedal is one area of your vehicle that may need to be repaired. You will notice a problem with…

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