The Strength Of Your End-Of-Lease Options at I.G. Burton BMW!

There's a great deal of strength and power you have in your end-of-lease options. Our exceptional BMW finance department here in Milford wants you to be aware of all of your appealing choices as the lease of your luxurious BMW is nearly ending. You have strength, you have flexibility, and you have the great opportunity to pick your favorite choice between several compelling options available at I.G. Burton BMW!

You always have the option to turn in your BMW keys and walk away. Our dealership in Milford loves your business, and we're fully confident that we have your next vehicle in our inventory. That's why we're letting you know of your great choices now.

Let's start with time. You might need a bit more to make the best decision. We can give you more time with a lease extension, giving you a few extra months to make your decision regarding your leased BMW.

You might want to lease a new BMW model. Everyone loves the look and feel of a new vehicle, especially when its a beautiful BMW. You owe it to yourself to at least test drive some of the latest BMW models inside our showroom.

Lastly, you may also choose to buy your currently leased BMW car or SUV. This is another strong option for many. Our finance department can work out all of the details for you. Please call us at I.G. Burton BMW to learn more!

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