When winter weather creates slippery conditions here in Milford, Delaware, drivers are left with a few choices on how to handle a sticky situation. Salt, sand and kitty litter all have the ability to increase traction, so which is the best? The I.G. Burton BMW sales team would like to help!

To begin, unlike sand or kitty litter, salt has the ability to melt ice. This can be very useful when the ice just keeps building layers upon itself. There is a downside however, and that is that salt can be harmful to plants and animals. Salt is best when used ahead of time, such as throwing it on your driveway overnight to ensure the ice is already melted in the morning.

When your car is stuck on your driveway or roadway, sand and kitty litter are the way to go. They are both safe to keep in your car to have handy. Sand is probably the better option, in our opinion. Sand is typically cheaper than kitty litter, and unlike kitty litter, it won't turn into slush after soaking up water.

Are you looking for more advice on how to properly winterize your luxury car? Visit our BMW dealership in Milford soon for more tips, to schedule seasonal maintenance, or to purchase your dream SUV or sedan.

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