The BMW 2 Series is on outstanding vehicle that comes in various trim levels. Each trim level has its own distinct features and advantages, and there are a number of upgrades that can be added to enhance your driving experience. This particular vehicle can be purchased in the Coup, Coup Competition and Convertible trims.

The BMW M2 Competition is brilliantly designed with an aerodynamic flare. This coup is geared more so to the high-performance crowd. The exterior is very aggressive with its low profile, huge air ducts and sweeping physique. Exterior colors also come in sunset-orange metallic, silver metallic, alpine white and more. The redline of this vehicle maxes out at 7,600 rpm, and the twin-turbocharged engine puts out more than 400 ponies. Its dual-exhaust system has electronically controlled flaps for boosting airflow, and it can be purchased with a manual or double-clutch transmission.

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