As the automotive market advances, sports car manufacturers feel the need to come up with new ways to get more performance out of their sports cars. BMW has gone for a route that not many other manufacturers have elected to pursue. Their newest flagship sports car is a hybrid.

The BMW i8 combines a small three-cylinder engine with a small electric powertrain. This means the i8 can be run as either a fully electric vehicle or gas-only vehicle. While both of these conditions are possible, the i8 works best when it is driven as a hybrid, as it gets instant torque from the electric motors and high-end power from the gasoline engine. If you plan on using the i8 for your daily commute to Milford it can be plugged in at home every night to give you extra electric-only range.

BMW is ahead of the game when it comes to the i8. If you want to see how advanced the i8 is compared to traditional sports cars, you can stop by i.g. Burton BMW and take it for a test drive.


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