When you see a BMW 7 on a lot, the first thing that you'll notice is it's distinctive appearance. Then, you'll stop and stare as you walk around the vehicle while admiring each impressive exterior component.

The BMW 7 stands out because the design team incorporated key components that raised the bar, such as a giant kidney grille, updated bumpers, and stylish LED headlights. During the night, the LED lights' adaptive technology boosts safety by creating a unique silhouette that commands attention. Each bulb generates a seamless band that lights up the entire rear portion of the vehicle.

Thanks to BMW's 750i xDrive, this automobile provides power where it counts, and you can experience how its horsepower, speed, and torque influence performance and efficiency during a test drive. At i.g. Burton BMW, you can arrange a short test drive in a BMW 7 based on your schedule. We serve BMW fans in many communities throughout Milford.



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