The BMW i Series is an Eco-Friendly Option from BMW

If you thought electric vehicles were just a thing of the future, think again. You can have your own high-performing electric vehicle by getting one of the i Series that we have at i.g. Burton BMW.

The BMW i8 might be the choice if you truly want to zip around town. In as little as 4.2 seconds, you can hit 60 mph from a stop. This capability is achieved thanks to the use of twin engines, an electric one and a TwinPower Turbo gas engine. You can choose from four drive modes to determine what your experience on the road is like. These range from SPORT to eDRIVE modes.

The BMW i3 has a bit more room, potentially making it a practical choice if you have passengers and gear to carry around. An advantage of driving this vehicle is that you'll have complete peace of mind knowing that it's been built in an emissions-free factory.



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