Oversteering vs. Understeering and What You Can Do to Correct the Issue

Understanding the difference between the vehicle dynamics of oversteering and understeering can help you to deliver a safe and seamless drive every time you take to the roads of Milford. The vehicle dynamic experts at i.g. Burton BMW want to equip you with the knowledge that you need to get the most out of any driving experience.

In general terms, oversteering happens when the vehicle turns more than the driver intends while understeering occurs when the vehicle veers less than the driver commands. Understeer translates to lack of grip. Front-wheel-drive vehicles are more likely to experience understeering. Applying more suspension or adjusting the tire pressure can often help to reduce the occurrences of understeering.

Oversteering occurs when the front side of the vehicle provides more grip than the rear. Because of this, oversteering is more likely to happen in rear-wheel-vehicles. Loosening the suspension or dropping grip can help to correct this issue.



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