BMW 7 Series: Luxury Performance At Its Finest

The BMW 7 Series is the quintessential sedan of the 21st century. This vehicle is classified as a luxury-performance sedan, and it boats many cutting-edge features. Consumers will adore the vehicle's luxurious interior as well as fall in love with its flawless exterior. Let's dive a bit deeper below.

The BMW 7 Series' exterior is long and fluid thanks to its strong body lines. These body lines flow freely from front to back without any disruptions. Of course, BMW has retained the automobile's iconic kidney shaped grille. For the new 7 Series, this grille is now larger in overall size. The vehicle's lower-front fascia matches the grille in appearance, which gives off an impressive look. This luxury-performance sedan also comes in various exterior hues, such as amber gray, royal burgundy, mineral-white metallic, jet black and many more.

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