Why You Should Consider the BMW Certified Pre-Owned Program

The Certified BMW Pre-Owned program is a popular option for purchasing a used BMW. Most high-quality BMW dealers offer these cars, and you'll soon see why.

Before a car can receive the Certified Pre-Owned label, it must contain only authentic BMW parts, have less than 60,000 miles, and technicians check the vehicle's maintenance history to make sure that the car was maintained on-time and consistently. Next, the car goes through a detailed inspection, checking for performance, safety or wear issues. If there are any problems, the mechanics fix it. If the problems can't be fixed, then the car isn't able to get the Certified label. After the car's been inspected and repaired, BMW factory-trained technicians, pre-owned managers and service managers check the car to make sure that there aren't any concerns.

After this detailed process, the car is ready to hit the car lot. Visit your local i.g. Burton BMW in Milford to browse the selection of Certified Pre-Owned BMWs near you.



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