BMW 4 Series Overview

Thinking about the new BMW 4 Series? There is a lot to love about this sporty German vehicle. There are a variety of different trims, but even in the standard version, you get a turbo engine that puts out a ton of horsepower. BMW provides a ton of different engine styles with each trim. The Gran Turismo is a favorite with its twin turbo engines and horsepower output, as well as the hatchback design. It's also not one of the most expensive luxury vehicles for the number of features being included in the standard version.

The BMW 4 series has also been refreshed with a revisited suspension that provides nimble handling. The braking is quite superior, and drivers state that it provides great acceleration and steering as well. Some of the other new features include new cameras and sensors, that provide safety features like blind spot monitoring, departure lane assist, and rearview cameras.

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