How To Use BMW Comfort Access


BMW Comfort Access is standard on some new BMW models. If it's not standard, don't worry - you can still get this handy convenience feature by adding it on to your BMW when you build and price it, as an additional option. Here's how it works.

With your key fob in your pocket, purse, briefcase, or hand, your BMW vehicle will automatically detect your key when it's in range. Simply grab a front door handle to unlock your car. It's that easy! To lock your BMW car or SAV, simply place your finger on the surface area above the door handle for roughly one second (see video for specifics). When you do this, your BMW's windows (and moonroof, if equipped) will also close!

BMW Comfort Access Opens and Closes the Trunk, Too

In a similar manner as unlocking the door, you can press a button under the trunk decklid or, in certain models, extend your foot under the center of the rear bumper to open your trunk with the key fob within range, of course. Just make sure not to touch the underside of the car, as it may be hot from running.

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