What is Horsepower?

You have seen car commercials mention it as well as many car enthusiasts and may wonder what they mean by the term ‘horsepower’.

Horsepower is a term created in the 18th century by a Scottish engineer James Watt who compared the output of steam engines to the power of draft horses. These horses pulled an average of 33,000-foot-pounds per minute of work each that consisted of either 33 feet in one minute towing 1000 pounds, 330 pounds in 100 feet per minute or 33 pounds of coal. 1000 feet per minute. This figure equals one horsepower.

As time went by, this term expanded to include the outward control of piston engines such as electric motors, turbines, and other machinery. Today, the horsepower in your automobile is measured partly by an engine dynamometer. This dynamometer measures torque, the twisting force that causes rotation and converting it to power using a mathematical formula, Torque x RPM / 5252 = horsepower.

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