Considering Options For Traction Safety During the Winter

When in need of trying to get traction during the winter you can use sand, salt, and kitty litter to fix this problem.

Kitty litter and sand will not melt ice, but they will add traction on snow, slush, or ice. Salt can be very expensive during the winter and can be difficult to find because it is in a high demand. You can use alternatives such as kitty litter and sand for the same uses of gaining traction. Kitty little is also less expensive than salt, but larger priced than sand. If you are looking for the cheapest solution, then sand will provide for that, as it is also fairly easy to find at the store.

When you are looking for options that you can put on your driveway, then salt will be your best solution. Salt can be harmful to plants, and animals as well. Using salt during the winter can only be done above 12 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping these in your car is a good idea in case of emergency situations during the winter season.
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