The BMW 7 Series has always been the most lavish sedan the Bavarian automaker makes. For 2016, it's all new, soup to nuts, and our preferred purveyor of all things German luxury wants you to know what it's like to drive. That's why if you search the Internet, you'll find no shortage of reviews and first drive reports.

Yet none of these videos captures what it's like behind the wheel. Until, of course, we came across the clip you see above. A rabid car fan attached a GoPro to his head, and gave us two unique vantage points of the new 7 Series as both a passenger in its spacious back seat, and behind the wheel. So if you want to experience the Bavarian's latest flagship from either vantage point, check out the clip.

You can also meet the 7 Series the old fashioned way by stopping by our BMW dealership in Milford, DE and signing up for a test drive. Contact us if you have any questions.

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